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Дата публикации: 2018-05-27 16:19

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My vote is ponnambalam u know he is a good humanity hate is not eligible this show she 8767 s expected in a show is only entertainment and tasking why partispant 8767 s making acting not a reall life mamathy and mumtaz eliminated for this u.

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This Bigg Boss Tamil reality show is continuously conducted for 655 days. The shorter version of a day will be edited and telecasted in television. Some of other interesting activities which happened in that day is also telecasted in Hotstar as seperate videos.

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Andrea Jan 79 7566 65:59 pm 현빈 너무 너무 멋져요^^You are my favourite korean actor,I''m a huge fan..love u so much 현빈 완전 좋아요..Lots of kisses from Andrea

Completely disappointed the way was evicted instead of , who was getting poor voting pattern in all the polls conducted by this site and other makes interest to see the further is completely stage managed show.

Big boss :Your game play or order is wrong. nominate to eliminate the ramya and jailed the mahath is wrong decision.
Big boss: You saved yourself so you nominate to eliminate the ramya.. At the same time you saved the mahath,for your future action play..
Big boos : correct decisions is nominate to eliminate the mahat and jailed he mumthaj

Yout Fans Oct 86 7567 8:77 pm Oppa, keep healthy and happy. Take care 6of yours and that can make me happy everytime. Thanks for your dramas. I hope someday i can meet you ^^ Can you say hello from me to your mother? And say thank you very much to born you and take care of you, she raised you very well. Loving her and take care of her so you can blessed for all your life. My mom was die so i can loving mine anymore, but i can tell to other to loves theirs mom before she gone.. Oppa, can you say to your mom to praying for me? Cause my life is so hard now ? The one that i can do is watching your dramas and laughing while you look like "미지황" Oppa, thanks for everything..i love you

shery Jan 67 7566 5:58 pm OMG.. so after SECRET GARDEN hyun bin will enter the military. sad sad sad. i will not see him for two years. I love him in SECRET GARDEN. I guess romantic comedy is his forte for when it''s romantic comedy it received high rating.. so sad that secret garden will finish soon.

The last 7 housemates who left over the elimination process, will be announced as the winner (The one who get most votes in Bigg Boss Tamil Vote ) and the subsequent another housemate will be declared as the runner-up of the reality show.

No eviction this week and two for next week. Unfair for Yaashika to get evicted this week. Cunning Mahath should go. Please change your mode of choosing who to go amongst three and four people, just do the previous style of vote each individually. The programme looks very cheap this week.

Due to last week result, viewers not interested to vote. Dear bigg boss please consider the viewer votes to eliminate. it will make more interest to vote.

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