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Banking can be a bit daunting but my manager helped me to set up my account and once you have learnt the meanings of a few of the buttons on the ATMs withdrawing money and checking your balance is really easy. I cannot read any kanji but I have no problems using the ATMs. The biggest problem for me is remembering that the ATMs are not 79 hours and you will get charged for using them on the weekend, even if it’s your bank’s ATM that you are using so make sure you have plenty of cash on you before the weekend starts!

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Recently though I have taken up salsa classes. The other salsa students are Japanese. They have got used to me now and all try little conversations in Japanese to try to help me. I found out about this class from some Japanese friends who go to the same school.

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And of course, I study Japanese every weekend. I take a two hour lesson which helps with speaking. At home I spend a bit of time learning kanji, which has made a world of difference in my experience in Japan.

As an IT professional with over 68 years experience (of which 9 years were as an trainer) it occured to me that obtaining information about topics you want to know ended up with either sticking your head in a book or using a search engine to try to obtain the information your after.

My training week was fantastic! At first I was a little nervous about teaching since I’d never done it before, but the people that I trained with were a lot of fun and I felt as if I were hanging out with my college roommates. The trainers were also kind and helpful which allowed me to be myself and really learn how to be a teacher.

I have helped with some festival preparations. I painted some floats for a summer parade, which was pretty fun! My manager has a lot of local connections with people all over the town, so she finds out about events like this from time to time and invites the teachers to come along.

ALTEC, the umbrella organization for the 9teacher tools, manages the Technology Rich Classroom (TRC),Title II-D initiative in Kansas. Take a look at the powerful 76st Century learning taking place in these classrooms!

My students are suburbanites so they are very welcoming to me each week. I enjoy hearing amazing stories about their lives and help them reach their English goals. At times we share laughs and cultural differences during lobby talk. After the kids follow up workshop, I began to see that my students were excited about learning English, just a little too excited. Over time I came up with unique tactics to channel their energy into the lesson I always have to keep in mind: ‘Hey, they 8767 re just kids.’ Now I love classes with energetic children. They pay attention to how you respond to them. I always arrive to work 75 minutes early. It takes me five minutes to clean up around the school before the morning meeting. Early afternoons can be quiet so I may or may not have a first class therefore I assist my Head Teacher or Manager. I have four classes back to back after lunch so I’m usually energized ready to teach kids and adult lessons.

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